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    3 Response Options For Buyer Repair Requests


    Today I want to talk about the three options that home sellers have that will empower them and responding to the buyers home repair request. Hi I’m David Pestana Broker Owner and team leader here at Rise Utah Realty. We love to help our clients succeed in real estate and we would love to help you if you’re looking to buy sell or invest here in Utah. Please give us a call or visit our site at RiseUtah.com OK so you’re under contract and you’re at the point where the buyer has looked at your house and now they’re coming back to you requesting some repairs to be done. What do you do. Let’s talk about it because you do have options. Option number one is that you can accept the repair requests. Sometimes buyers aren’t asking for too much. So it could be in your best interest to accept those especially if you don’t have a lot of offers. Or if it took you a lot of time to get Under contract holding on to your property may cost you a lot more money than just doing repairs. So to accept those repairs could be one of the easiest things to do. Option number two is that you can reject the repair requests you’re under no obligation to repair anything of your home especially if the buyers are asking you to do unrealistic things. You don’t have to do anything but if you reject them there is a high chance that the buyer’s going to cancel on you. The third option that you have as a sellers to compromise with the buyers. We know that the buyers are a little anxious and scared of buying your house so they’re going to ask for as much as possible. And that’s up to you to push back a little bit and then you end up negotiating somewhere in between. And this is where deals get done is because both parties feel like they’ve they’ve been satisfied now as a seller you can realize too that you always don’t have to repair everything. You can also have an option to credit them money at the closing that would cover the costs for them to do it. So if an item was to cost seven hundred dollars for a water heater but you didn’t want to replace it yourself you can credit them seven hundred dollars and closing it which will cover it. So in summary you have options as a seller you don’t have to just repair and you don’t have to reject there’s always middle ground as well. You have those options. I hope that will empower you in making a decision. There’s a lot of details that you have to weigh out the financial costs but I know you can do it if you need help. Please give us a call. We’re here and we can we can coach you through. Thank you. Have a great day.


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