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    How Incredible is the Art at Chalk the Block Utah 2019?

    About Chalk the Block For Charity Utah™
    Chalk the Block For Charity Utah™ is a free, three-day street art festival where artists must complete their entire work using chalk. Every year more than 300 artists spend hours chalking the streets, transforming the parking lots of the Shops at Riverwoods into a captivating, one of a kind experience. In addition to local and nationally-recognized artists, the festival features talent from all of the area’s high schools offering them a unique chance to hone their skills and display their works in front of a broad community audience. There is also food and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Chalk the Block For Charity Utah™ is a nonprofit. Proceeds from the festival are donated to Spectrum Academy – a school serving children with autism along the Wasatch Front.

    Hi. This is David Pestana. Owner of Rise Utah Realty and Orem. I want to share with you why I love Utah County. Join me as we explore the restaurants businesses community events. And incredible geography here. This is Utah County Life.

    We’re here at the shops at Riverwoods in Provo and the river bottoms. And today it is chalk the block. It’s kind of the finale of this event where. People. Artists come here and they get a parking stall here and then they draw in it. And they’re all judged and the people that come here and judge them. And. They have winners so we’re gonna show you some of the art and some of the people who draw them. And all the fun things that happen here. So I think it’s a great event happens every year at the shops and enjoy.

    All right. What I love here is that featured artist. Kill it. With these designs. You look at this. You got like Marvel Disney. Indiana Jones.

    Here’s our artist for Aladdin. Hello. So. So tell us what’s your inspiration here. Well I’ve just done Disney every year and like I used to do Lion King a lot and. This year I was like looking for another lion king piece. But I was like well. There’s not really any more that I like to do. So. I was just looking out for more Disney pieces found this Aladdin when I was k that’d be cool. Kind of pushed me a little bit more than it has in the past and then. But you did. Definitely did. But. So how long does it take to do. Something like this? Yeah. So I was here. This morning since 8:00. And that official about 3:00 so that’s what seven hours and then yesterday I was here from five to about eleven. Eleven thirty. That’s about six and a half hours. And then. You’re. Got there the day before that I was. Hopefully you’re like five-six hours as well. So. Takes about 20 hours just give or take. So. So you can always tell the artists by they’re wearing their paint. Yes. as you can see. That if they don’t have any chalk on them they didn’t do it.

    We started on Friday. So we’ve been here for a couple of days. Started. An afternoon. About 4:00. So is this. That’s your inspiration right there the picture. Yep. We grew up with Mr. Bean so. We had fun. Doing a little. Recreation of him and his little teddy bear.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and enjoyed Chalk the Block. And if you can please subscribe and likes so whatever you like the most please comment below so we can know which of these Chalk the Block artists you loved. OK. So it’s great. Please subscribe. We’ll see you again on the next episode bye.

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