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    Providing Transportation for Low Income and Refugees | Eagle Scout Project

    The Provo Bicycle Collective was established in 2011 and is Bicycle Collective’s fastest-growing location. It operates just south of BYU campus in the Joaquin neighborhood of Provo. This location hosts the most volunteers in the state (over 800) who refurbished 409 bikes for giveaway in 2017.

    As with all other Bicycle Collective locations, Provo Bicycle Collective provides bikes and bike repair to the public at low or no cost.

    Here are some of Provo Bicycle Collective’s most popular programs:

    Open Shop (DIY Bike Repair)
    Refurbished Bikes for Sale
    Goodwill Bikes (Free Bikes for People in Need)
    Swing by the shop at 397 E 200 N today to see what Provo Bicycle Collective has to offer!

    For more information visit their website at: https://bicyclecollective.org/

    Give us a detailed update. I’m doing my Eagle Scout project right now. It’s Saturday. It’s the last part of it we’re washing and drying bikes right now. Don’t want to donate a dirty bike.
    Don’t you guys have your Eagle’s coming up. Hi this is David Pestana.

    Owner of Rise Utah Realty in Orem. I want to share with you why I love Utah County. Join me as we explore the restaurants businesses community events.
    And incredible geography. This is Utah County Life.

    Alright I’m here at Bicycle collective. And. For my sons Eagle Project. We took we collected 25 bikes and this we just empty them. And put them along the side of the place here. And Bicycle Collective you donate bikes for those who are lower income or refugees in the area. Because biking is an awesome way to travel. So. I encourage everyone to do it. It’s great. So Bicycle Collective has shops here in Provo. I think up in Salt Lake area they’ve got like three or four across the the valleys. All right enjoy and enjoy some of the montage of what we just did for Eagle project and donation. You’re always welcome to come down here too.

    Welcome you to the Provo Bike Collective. My name is Sam. I work here at the collective. Right now we’re having a volunteer time. We have volunteers who come and help us fix bikes to the people we give away. You notice we have one more right here which tells us how many bikes we’ve gotten and how many we’ve give way how many we’ve sold. We have pictures up here with the bikes. We’ve given away most of the children and lower income households. The bikes that we give away we pay for the bikes we sell. So we sell some to make a little profit to fix up the bikes. We put like new inner tubes, new cables and housing and stuff like that. Yeah we have Sam both Sams here. There’s three Sams. We are right now Sam’s today I found Sam there are there our volunteers and they’re the ones that help us make this possible for the people and people who donate bikes like the Eagle Scout project or just regular people may make this all happen as well. So we’re really thankful for these bikes you brought these will Service you like really really well. We’ll be able to give these away to a lot of people. And some of them will be able to sell to help us fundraise. yeah. Thank you guys. Hey, no thank you. It’s a good cause.

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