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    The Best Restaurants in Utah County


    One of the best things I love about Utah County is the diversity in food. We have some of the best restaurants in Utah right here in our county. From new Hawaiian style burgers to authentic Korean bbq and the best Steak you’ll have for breakfast. Here are some of our favorites!


    There are many reasons why Yummy’s is considered the best Korean BBQ & Sushi restaurant in Utah. From their hand cut meat, freshly made side dishes and made from scratch sauce. The Choi family has also decorated their restaurant with real authentic Chinese history dating back thousands of years to help give a truly authentic feel. Add the best sushi you’ll ever eat and you have the recipe for an incredible experience. Oh and did I mention that this is an ALL YOU CAN EAT restaurant that includes the sushi?! Hungry yet?


    Jim has done an incredible job with this establishment. Their slogan “TRU service is TRU religion” is truly what they are about. They bring employees in under their program and truly change their lives. Not only do they have the best service, they have the best breakfast food you’ll ever eat at a restaurant. Their ingredients are of the highest quality including their steak which is hand picked and cut to size onsite. This truly is the best Steak and eggs in Utah! Who doesn’t love a good breakfast? I know I do!



    The restaurant started out as a korean bbq place that they took over in Hawaii. They found out quickly that their burgers were the reason people were coming back. So they changed their whole menu and served burgers. Each burger is uniquely different and are named after the 7 brothers. The Paniolo burger is their most famous burger with 2 massive onion rings covered in sauce making it a tower of a burger. Seek the owner of the Provo location has created a family like atmosphere where everyone enjoys incredible food and feels welcome!


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