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    Elk Ridge

    Elk Ridge is city in Utah County, Utah. It sits at a little over 5,300 feet elevation and is a mountainous area that provides incredible views.  Elk Ridge is home to a few thousand people and has a nice little community feel with great residents that live there. While Elk Ridge is set in a beautiful mountainous area, it is a short commute to larger surrounding cities.


    A Little History

    Elk Ridge was formerly known as Salem Hills and was incorporated on December 22, 1976. About a year and a half later in a special election, the residents voted to rename Salem Hills to Elk Ridge. This name was chosen because of a herd of elk that historically wintered in the vicinity of the town. The history of the residents of Elk Ridge has always been that of a people whose priority is to live in a place where the quality of their environment must at all costs include clean air, open space, and quiet and peaceful surroundings.


    Quick Facts

    Population (2013) — 2,850

    Area — 2.78 sq. miles



    The schools in Elk Ridge have great ratings from the city.  There are 5 schools in the area for Elk Ridge residents.  Nebo School District makes sure that each student in the district has a successful learning environment.


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    Additional Information

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