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    When you are looking to find a new home, there are many things to be considered such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, schools, location, and your neighbors.  For all of these considerations, there are many different solutions.  One solution is purchasing a home in a gated community. There are several benefits for moving into a gated or exclusive community.


    One reason people choose a gated communities is because of the exclusivity.  In gated communities there is usually a gate code to get into the property.  It is nice to know that only you and your neighbors are able to drive into the community.  With that perk comes security.  A gate keeps others out while keeping you safe.  On average the crime rate in gated communities is much lower.  Another reason people prefer gated communities is because the gate and walls surrounding the community gives you privacy.  There is less worry about people that aren’t your neighbors always coming and going.  Gated communities are secluded from the constant traffic found in normal neighborhoods.  Less traffic provides a more peaceful surrounding.  HOAs usually keep the common area of the neighborhood clean and beautiful all year round.  Lastly, Many buyers choose to live in an exclusive community for the sense of community that is found there.  With the security gated communities provide you can feel comfortable letting your kids play outside together.  Gated communities often organize barbecues or other adult socials.  People are often more friendly and willing to help out their fellow community members.


    Some of the best gated communities in the Provo Orem area are Vintage on the River, Stonegate, Berkshire, Woods at Riverside, and Waterford.


    Vintage on the River

    This community offers some of the most luxurious homes in Provo.  Vintage on the River is located right along Provo River at the mouth of Provo Canyon.  It is also wrapped around the Riverview Park which has tennis courts, two playgrounds and a sand volleyball court.  Vintage on the River fulfills a small urban neighborhood feel while maintaining quick access to the city.



    Stonegate is just on the other side of the Provo River from the Vintage on the River community.  Tucked back away from the main roads Stonegate delivers incredible privacy and tranquillity.  Stonegate doesn’t just come with privacy and tranquility, there are tons of amenities as well Stonegate, features a two-acre park on the Provo River, a central park with a stream, tree-lined streets, a tennis court, a basketball court, a swimming pool, pool house, and a spa.



    Located in the heart of Utah County Berkshire is one of the last areas to be developed on the river bottoms.  Just west of the Riverside Country Club Golf Course, Berkshire has lots from .5 to 1.5 acres making several options available for building your dream home.  You could build your own home choose your own architect and builder or choose from one of the existing homes currently on the market.


    “The Woods” at Riverside

    Located in Provo right next to the Riverside Country club The Woods would be a great place to live.  With homes made of the finest materials The Woods is a wonderful place to call your own.  These homes were built for entertaining your friends and family.  With the large lots and golf course near by there is space to enjoy your time at The Woods.



    If you aren’t looking for a large spacious home Waterford is the place for you!  In a great location in Provo Waterford has some of the most luxurious townhomes in Utah.  The Community is located up on the mountain giving great views of the valley below.  Just because it is a townhome doesn’t mean that it is not constructed of some of the finest materials. The homes in Waterford could compare to any of the wonderful houses in The Utah Valley Parade of homes.


    These are just a couple of the many reasons you should live in a gated/exclusive community.  To find out more or see a gated community for yourself call RISE Realty


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