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    Salem, Utah is a small town with loving residents.  It is not only friend and family oriented, but also a great place to live.  Salem was known as “Summer Spring” by the Indians, and “Pond Town” by early settlers.  The name “Salem” was finally named after the birthplace of Lyman Curtis to honor his contributions to the community. The community facilitates many exciting activities including Salem Days, Miss Salem and Pond Town Christmas. Salem is a fantastic town to raise a family.


    Quick Facts

    Population (2013) — 6,928

    Area — 10.19 sq. miles


    Go-To Places

    Knoll Pond — There are many great activities at what some call, Salem Pond.  There is fishing, bird watching, a playground, big grassy areas to play, picnic tables, and bridges and boardwalks to stroll around with family.  There are ducks, swans, and geese! Knoll Pond is also a great place to visit in the winter.  During holidays, Salem Pond has Christmas Trees all over the pond. It is a great place for friends and family.



    When looking for a new place to live with children, schools are often the first place to look.  To learn about the school boundaries visit Nebo School District.


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