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    When you hear the word Sundance many things may come to mind; (Sundance film festival, Sundance resort, Sundance TV, or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.)  We will come to know how this name “Sundance” has become synonymous to so many people.  Let us start from the beginning when Robert Redford went on a drive and fell in love with the beauty of what is now Sundance.  After buying a small patch of land Robert envisioned preserving this beautiful valley and turning it into a community for the arts, recreation, and environmentalism.


    He was approached by investors wanting to turn Sundance into a giant ski resort, he simply said “No.”  Initially the resort was called “Timp Haven” since the resort is located on Mount Timpanogos.  The Resort was renamed Sundance after the iconic role that Robert Redford played in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Since then the Sundance Institute (film festival) and the Sundance Catalog (Clothes, Jewelry, Furniture) were formed.  Today Sundance is still predicated off of the same fundamentals of bringing art, recreation, and the environment all together.


    At Sundance they have it all, fine dining, weddings, mountain activities, events, art studio and a spa.  They have a couple different restaurants but the most famous is the Tree Room,  named after the huge pine tree that grows through the middle of the room.  In 2014 it won the Utah’s Best of State for fine dining.  There are always weddings being held up at the resort because of its picturesque scenery.


    The mountain activities are broken up into summer and winter.  In the summer you can ride the lift, go hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, zip lining and river rafting.  In the winter you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding, snowshoeing and winter fly fishing.  With events like plays, movies, concerts, art shows, The Bearclaw Supper Club and Sundance  Author Series there is something to do almost every night.  If you would like to try your hand at pottery or painting you could visit one of the art studios.  If after doing all your activities you just need to rest, you could visit the spa for a massage.


    If you have always wanted to live the resort life but still be close enough to civilization that you can be in a major city in twenty minutes, Sundance is the place for you.  Come see the community that hasn’t changed its values of art, recreation, and environment.  Call RISE Realty to see what Sundance has for you.


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